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Hello Akim,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner with my Morocco trip feedback, as our return back to the USA was hectic. To be honest with you, I wish we spent more time in your wonderful country. I wonder why it is often called Morocco the land of hospitality. 
The visit to Al Akhawayne University was great as our family was very happy with our son’s reunion. we had the most amazing and out-of-this-world experience while vacationing in Morocco during this Pandemic.
Our driver Ahmed was very careful, cordial, and extremely hospitable. He was always at our services when we needed him throughout the entire trip. We are most appreciative of him helping us exploring all of Morocco’s hidden paths. It truly made our trip more than personal now that we have another Moroccan son who is a friend and watching after our American son in Morocco. 
The food and ambiance were just what we were looking for. Our city guides in both Fez and Marrakech were excellent, made us feel like we were taking a Morocco history class at the university.
We will highly recommend our Best highlights Tour of Morocco with your company to our friends and other family members who have seen, from our pictures, the many splendors of Morocco!
Again, We thank you so much from the deepest of our hearts, and we give the highest marks to Marrakesh Voyage and all your guides. 
We can not thank you enough.
Sandra O’Neal & Family – USA

Dear Akim,
I just wanted you to know what a wonderful trip my sisters and I had last week. We owe a lot to Anis, who drove the car and was helpful in so many ways that we can never thank him enough. He was always there when he said he would be and whenever we seemed to need a hand. It was wonderful to have him the entire trip. I think he will need a rest since he was available day and night to take us wherever we wanted to go and to pick us up when we were finished. His English was terrific and an added bonus. He even loaned us a cell phone when we couldn’t find anyone at the Riad in Marrakesh to help us with an early wake-up call. I will always think of him and the hard-working, responsible and courteous man he is when I think of Moroccans.
We also owe the guides a lot for their useful information and their tutoring in the history of Morocco. They were great. We especially owe Hasheem who was so terrific in Fez, and who was available for that additional day we wanted in that fascinating city. Also, Kamal in the Orika Valley, who took us on a terrific hike to a waterfall and raced up and down the trail so he could offer a hand to three women if they needed it.
We will be recommending you to other friends who may want to travel to Morocco. Thanks so much for all your help.
Susan Learmonth & Sisters USA

Dear Akim,
A million thanks for the extraordinary trip you organized for Kiehl’s in Morocco.
You and your wonderful team exceeded all of our expectations which made the trip personal, unique, and memorable.
We hope you and your family enjoy the products that we sent you and of course when our products containing Argan Oil lunch in April, you will be one of the first to receive them.
We are looking forward to seeing you very soon for a reunion dinner.
With our deepest gratitude,
Charlotte Adjchavanich
Vice President – Global Public Relations & Communication
Kiehl’s International – London/ New York
The event took place in Marrakech

Dear Akim,
We have just come back home from our holidays. Following our trip to Morocco, we spent few days in the South of Spain.
Visiting Morocco was an exciting and unforgettable experience: the people, the landscapes, the cities, the food, everything was just wonderful. We absolutely enjoyed it. As mentioned by Marrakesh Voyage advertisements, we are back home “with plenty of tales of Arabian days and nights”; I can still smell the spices, the flowers, the freshness of the Ourika valley. By the way, Mr. Karim’s kindness and hospitality at the Kasbah Omar have to be highlighted. He also helped us in exploring the beautiful Ourika valley leading us on two wonderful walks.
The trip went on as planned. Riads and hotels were great, as well as restaurants and food in our dinners. Guides and visits were very well coordinated. Everything on time and the trip fulfilled every word committed by Mr. Akim Elanbassi of Marrakesh Voyage in the package we bought.
“Saiid”, the driver that spent with us the whole visit, was perfect; always on time, ready to help us with every question we asked, excellent driver, at all times taking care of our safety and comfort. Meeting Saiid is part of the nice memories we have from our trip.
Summing up and for the requested feedback, I would qualify my holidays and Marrakesh Voyage with a 100. Hope to visit Morocco again!!!!
Silvia Portnoy & Husband – Argentina

I wish I had a day to discuss this with you. For now, let me just say the experience far exceeded our expectations. You could not have provided us with a more appropriate itinerary. Our driver/guide Khalid was incredible. His wife cooked us dinner one night in Marrakech. It was remarkable, to say the least. Each of the city guides was very good, spoke fluent English, knew their subject matter. The guide in Marrakech spent half a day taking my wife shopping, her favorite activity, which allowed my daughter and me to sit by the pool and relax.
The Riyad was probably the highlight of our accommodations. It was definitely 5 star and we long to return. Fez was great, the dessert was spectacular and the accommodations there were wonderful; sleeping in a tent but dining in the hotel on delicious Moroccan food. The drive over the Mid and High Atlas was as beautiful as you described with all of
the wildflowers in bloom.
Thanks for delivering on such short notice.
I have recommended you to two associates since my return. If someone suggesting my name contacts you, try and line them up with Khalid. He was very good.
Tom Herr – USA

Hi Akim,
Just wanted to follow up in regards to our trip to Morocco. We had an outstanding time and wanted to express our sincere satisfaction with Aziz our driver for the trip. He provided an outstanding experience and was professional, knowledgeable, and modified our daily agenda based on our questions and desire for stopping to shop, sightseen, etc.
Benjaloun was a fantastic guide in Marrakech and cannot say enough in regards to our two days there. I am forgetting our guide’s name in Fez but he was fantastic, intelligent, and wonderful as well.
Many thanks for arranging such a positive and beautiful trip. We are VERY pleased with our time in gorgeous Morocco.
Many thanks, Stephanie and Mandy – USA

Dear Akim,
I am sure that you heard about our most lovely evening with your family. We so enjoyed the evening and hold it to be one of the memorable things we did during our time in Morocco. It was so wonderful to speak English and get to know your sister Miriam, Yosef, and the boys who were so well behaved and likable. We briefly met your Mother and your aunt too. Your family’s home is so warm and just beautiful. We so appreciated the kosher accommodations made for us too.
The trip you arranged for us was amazing, and we loved our driver Ahmed and valued his driving skills and his person… we all felt a close bond that was great… We were also very happy with our guides in Fez and Marrakech as they were very professionals.
We were so lucky to have also had good weather. So many of the accommodations were lovely… Morocco is a wonderful country as well as the hospitality of the people…… We hope to send future customers to you too…
all the best,
Marcia & Husband – USA

Dear Akim,
Sorry for the delayed appreciation as I have to settle my work after a long holiday.
Thanks for the great arrangement during our stay in Morocco. It has been a wonderful experience especially getting to know the culture of the country.
We have been well taken care of by your staff starting from the marked delay of our ferry from Spain. With exceptional patience, our driver, Aziz kept waiting for us in the pier for more than 4 hours and brought us to the Riad safety in mid-might. He is flexible and always satisfies our needs with a pleasant smile especially we canceled the hiking to the waterfall because of the bad weather and he spends an extra day with us in Marrakesh. Morocco is already a safe country to travel to, however, with his companion, we feel traveling with a guard in a way that we need not bother anything except enjoying the trip.
The experience in the Sahara desert is exceptionally memorable. Riding camel in the moonlight, feeling the quietness on the sand, and enjoying the sunrise on the sand dune is lovely and fun. Surprisingly, the chicken tajine that we had in the tent in the most delicious food we had in the entire trip.
We love the stay in the raids with good food and warm hospitality. We especially treasure the quietness around so that we can really wash away the tension and get ourselves refreshed in the trip.
Thanks again for the arrangement. Marrakesh Voyage is definitely a smart choice in traveling to Morocco. We would recommend the company to our friends with no hesitation.
Vicky & Raymond – Hong kong March 2008

Dear Akim,
On behalf of my whole family, we thank you for the most memorable trip to Morocco. We especially appreciate what you and your friends did for my mother. Even though she had a cold, that birthday party really cheered her up, and we could not believe that she actually got up to dance!! Please do convey our gratitude to your friend at Ourika Garden.
The entire trip was lovely, and I am grateful for your suggestions for limiting our trip and not going to too many places. As it was, we already had the seashore, the mountains, the desert, and the medina. You were right that more would have been too exhausting. For us, the Sahara trip was definitely the highlight – spending the night in the desert with the first full moon of the year was just incredible. Although my mother did not go into the desert, she was game enough to get on a camel and have a photo taken.
We are very pleased with your arrangements, especially such last-minute planning for the busiest time of the year. We especially appreciate the personal touch and enjoyed meeting your family and your friends. That made the trip very special.
Please be assured that we will tell our friends about your services. Our friends are very interested in Morocco after seeing our photos.
Thanks again,
Dr. Hazel Szeto & Family – NYC

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