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Morocco Vacation is a New York and Marrakech-based Event Planning Agency dedicated to producing luxury events and weddings in Marrakech and all over Morocco. We will help you in the creativity in designs, scout location, and the entire production for your private events, weddings at some of the best Marrakech Riads or Palaces. If you were planning on getting married in Morocco, Marrakech will give you and your guests an exotic and authentic experience that would last a lifetime. Congratulations as you have chosen most likely the world’s most magical city for your celebration.

The bustling cities of Morocco are the perfect setting for Director’s meetings, Annual Sales Meetings, and other corporate functions for global companies with operations in Europe and the United States. For all your Morocco corporate meetings and conference, Morocco vacation spots planning needs in Morocco, we offer outstanding business comforts in Morocco.

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Marrakech wedding Ideas
Moroccan Wedding Ideas
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